Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change Marketing

Change Your Market

Change Marketing is imperative for the 21st century and the name of Artistic Toy's campaign that informs marketing professionals how to think differently in terms of the products they are using and the messages they are sending to their customers.

Marketing is an attitude, not a department, and your client's marketing message is represented in everything they do from answering the phone to arriving at their next appointment. If they are not considering the psychological and emotional impact of routine business activities they are missing extremely valuable opportunities to connect with clients and prospects.

It is a well known fact that people buy more for emotional reasons than objective rationale. You need to know the ways to connect with the emotions of your target audience. Studies have shown that businesses who can emotionally connect their lead generation and lead conversion activities to their customers experience three times more business from those customers. Ever imagine why McDonald's would choose to fill their "happy" meal with lots of fun toys and games?

While the economic down turn has slashed marketing budgets, I challenge you to help your clients think differently. Develop successful strategies that emotionally connect before they re-invest in the same, worn out methods they were using before. It is change that has proven to drop to your bottom line.

Artistic Toy will be featuring sales tips and creative product information focused around our popular line of reversible puppets to help you engage your clients in the Change Marketing conversation. We will feature 7 products over the next 14 weeks focused on emotional triggers in the most popular industries. We challenge you to join us and change your market.