Monday, September 28, 2015

Plush Toy Case Study # 3 - Insurance Company

Earning Center Stage - Dream Big

     MetLife Insurance Company has skillfully created a brand identity that has international acceptance.  The greatest advertising minds of our time looked intensely into the hearts and minds of MetLife’s clients and employees and found the Peanuts family.  There are not many people in the world who do not know Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sallie, Peppermint Patty, or Linus.   The focus of MetLife’s advertising is on getting you to associate them with the infamous Snoopy.  Snoopy simplifies their messaging and has become their brand’s character. 

     When I reflect back on my 40 relationship with Snoopy, I realize that I loved him before I really knew him.  When I grew to know him, I loved him even more.  Wow!!! Would you love to work with or for a Company that had that kind of impact on people?  If you are not sure you love Snoopy, view the trailer for the new Peanuts movie DREAM BIG due in theatres November 6, 2015. 

     It is no surprise that MetLife uses a plush toy version of Snoopy to help communicate their brand story.  You may have received a miniature 5” Snoopy Dog with blue MetLife T-shirt at a conference or upon meeting with an insurance salesperson.  Even if you are not in the market for insurance or in the mood to speak with an insurance salesperson most people will make the time to check out the latest MetLife Snoopy costume looks like on the Snoopy plush toy. 

     A common question many corporate advertisers or small businesses want to know is how we can order Snoopy to give away at our next corporate event.  Unfortunately, for most business owners the licensing and royalty costs required outweigh the benefits.  Since Peanuts is a household brand it makes sense for companies like MetLife, Joe Boxer, Cannon, and Danskin, to invest in associating with a character that hasn’t let anyone down since the 1950’s.    

     While many businesses will never hit the “Center Stage” like MetLife and Snoopy, we can still learn valuable advertising lessons from them.  Audiences respond very well to familiar items and the stories associated with them.  So while you may not be able to use Peanut’s Snoopy in your advertising, you have access to dogs and stuffed animals that people relate to and love to collect in their homes.  In order to transform your dog into a Character for your brand, you must give him a unique purpose, a relatable flaw, unique traits, and find ways to tell his story.  So DREAM BIG like Peanuts creator and your corporation may end up making a large 12” Center Stage Snoopy Plush Toy to recognize well deserved employees around the globe.   

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Promo Product Secret Weapon # 1

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