Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Sage Marketing Tips

These marketing tips are brought to you by Sage.  Sage (S2119) is our 7" American Eskimo Plush Dog .  Sage is a profoundly wise character that brings holiday joy and business marketing tips.  

  1. Don’t try and run with the Big Dogs if you’re not a Big Dog.  Trying to make yourself bigger than you are will end up biting you in the tail.
  2. Customer’s like Dog’s need attention.  Take the time to show them appreciation, but don’t lick their face.
  3. Dogs and customers were made to be close companions, don’t treat them like a meal ticket.
  4. Customers are smart but you have to make your message simple. 
  5. Give more in each interaction than you ever expect to receive. 
  6. Communicate a vision and cause beyond your product or service. 
  7. Never stop making a first impression with your customers. 
  8. Listen to your customers and make sure you hear them. 
  9. Your personal attitude is your most valuable piece of marketing. 
  10. Be passionate about what you say and carefully decide how to deliver the message.