Monday, April 15, 2013

Deeply Discounted Products Positioned for Promotional Consultants

Most people would agree that a Company that can keep its customers from shopping elsewhere has an advantage.  Our goal is to keep our Promotional Consultants equipped with deeply discounted stuffed toys in their sales toolbox to meet clients’ decreasing budget concerns; while at the same time delivering a campaign with a creative wow factor.

We are introducing a new Inventory Clearance Campaign May 1 - June 28, 2013.  Over the next 15 days we will start publishing a selection of more than 30 inventory items at prices near cost.    These items are being selected because they are either past their primary season or will be coming into season later this year.  Like you, we want to motivate people to buy now and save big.  Salespeople need to be very clear with clients that you need a decision quickly, because firm orders must be placed by Friday, June 28 and prices will go back up on these items on Monday, July 1.  These prices are only being offered to encourage clients to purchase in advance to meet their decreasing budgets.  In order to make this simple, you need to let your client know that the minimum order quantity is the lesser of 500 pcs or remaining inventory balance.   

You now have more good reasons to get in front of your customers before summer vacation starts.   As always, our Sales Associates are armed with creativity, Photoshop skills, and tons of past success stories in all types of businesses.  We will help you make a great presentation. 

Artistic Toy is a company that listens and develops win-win solutions.  We are not going to compete on price; however, we are going to strategically position our distributor sales force to succeed with products that can be offered to meet clients decreasing budgets.   Let’s face it; the threat of decreasing budgets will probably never go away.  We need to work together to present products that have more perceived benefits than customers ever imagined.  I call like to call it, “Getting Excited about the Project!”