Wednesday, August 19, 2015

COMING SOON: Character Marketing Catalog

Our first edition Character Marketing catalog will be published FALL 2015. This catalog will include some of the most successful case histories for using custom made plush toys within corporate advertising.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PLUSH TOY CASE STUDY #2: Snack Food Industry

Beef Jerky makes a mysterious return to prime time snacking fun! 

        Jack Link's Beef Jerky took building its brand around a character very seriously when the well-known Carmichael Lynch advertising agency recommended adopting the Sasquatch character as part of its marketing campaign over 10 years ago.  The Sasquatch appears in many television commercials and YouTube videos.

     Carmichael Lynch created an award winning ad campaign based on taunting a Big Foot.  Beef Jerky snack lovers are adventure seekers 18 - 49 years old.  They are high energy socially confident people who enjoy snacking as much as hiking, watching sporting events, and living in college dorm rooms together.  The ads have become a hit on the Internet with an almost cult-like following of people who post messages to Sasquatch and make homemade Sasquatch videos. 

        In 2008, Jack Link's reported sales have jumped 47 percent in a snack category that rose 12 percent overall, according to ACNielsen.  Jack Link succeeds in developing a memorable brand with a character.   

     With this much success you might think Jack Links must buy millions of plush toy Sasquatch's to promote their brand.   While showering the market with millions of plush toys works well for brands like Metlife and AFLAC, Jack Links decided to create a collectible plush toys that is only given out to its growing base on-line fans.  Jack Links decided a limited distribution of 2,500 pcs of a 12" Sasquatch would be perfect for a thank you mailer to the fans who helped them receive more than 4 million YouTube video views.   Jack Links has lots of opportunities to expand the distribution of its plush toy Sasquatch; however, for now they are happy creating more memorable brand experiences with high quality, high perceived value, and limited distribution Sasquatches for their biggest fans.        

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Monday, August 10, 2015

2016 PPAI AWARD SUBMISSION: Messin with Sasquatch

Mascot/Character or Persona Product

Artistic Toy took on the challenge of Messin with Sasquatch for Jack Links.  Over the last 10 years several manufacturers have tried create a plush toy that personifies the infamous Jack Links Sasquatch.  

This series of photos shows progression of character development for custom plush toy.

1. Client Provided Photo  

2.   Artistic Toy U.S. Custom Toy Prototype (Version 1)

3,  First Factory Counter sample in shorter fabric.

4. Improving the fabric color, testing a different style fabric, and start setting up the t-shirt with imprint.

5. Client wants different style fabric used on top of head versus bottom of chin.

6. Client wants China fabric to be darker on the bottom of the chin.

7.  Clients send us old Sasquatch they had to match fabric color, style, and length.

8. The matching and fabric ordering process takes  place.

9. The mouth and head shape are finalized in the correct fabric.

10. Client wants to test smaller size and different fabrics on top and bottom of head.

11.  The final approved pre-production sample!