Monday, August 10, 2015

2016 PPAI AWARD SUBMISSION: Messin with Sasquatch

Mascot/Character or Persona Product

Artistic Toy took on the challenge of Messin with Sasquatch for Jack Links.  Over the last 10 years several manufacturers have tried create a plush toy that personifies the infamous Jack Links Sasquatch.  

This series of photos shows progression of character development for custom plush toy.

1. Client Provided Photo  

2.   Artistic Toy U.S. Custom Toy Prototype (Version 1)

3,  First Factory Counter sample in shorter fabric.

4. Improving the fabric color, testing a different style fabric, and start setting up the t-shirt with imprint.

5. Client wants different style fabric used on top of head versus bottom of chin.

6. Client wants China fabric to be darker on the bottom of the chin.

7.  Clients send us old Sasquatch they had to match fabric color, style, and length.

8. The matching and fabric ordering process takes  place.

9. The mouth and head shape are finalized in the correct fabric.

10. Client wants to test smaller size and different fabrics on top and bottom of head.

11.  The final approved pre-production sample!

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