Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PLUSH TOY CASE STUDY #1: Healthcare Industry

    A hospital group decided building a brand character would be a good way to embed the hospital name and core messaging.  They developed a character named Reege.  Reege got his name from Regions Hospital.  Reege is a friendly guy that often encounters difficult life situations.  Reege has big "Goose Egg" on his head as visual reminder of the troubles he has faced in his life.

    Reege first took life in the form of a walk around mascot. He has been seen playing the piano in the hospital lobby.  Sometimes he goes for a walk in the mall.  Reege has his own Facebook page and lots of fans.  Reege's famous tag line is,  "Ouch....Take Me To Regions Hospital!"

   This character became so popular the hospital group cloned him in the form of 5,000 pcs custom plus toy with a sound chip.   Reege has helped spread the hospital's message of healthy living and better decision making at community events for many years.

    All healthcare providers want to remind people to make better decisions for their life. This can be done easily with friendly soft teddy bear gifts for new patients, supper soft pillow surgery gifts, or completely custom character that becomes a spokesman for your organization.

Monday, June 1, 2015

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Direct Embroidery or Print Bears

Remove the stuffing from our new line plush toys.
It allows direct embroidery and printing.

No minimums on blank product and 24 pcs. minimum on decorated product.

Inspiring the Use of Plush Toys In Advertising!

Custom Plush Toys / + 2,000 In Stock Styles / Safety Tested Guaranteed
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