Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why Blog???

There are many reasons to Blog once you understand the benefits it can provide. Fortunately for me, my younger brother is a technology guru and gave me a 10 minute run down on how this free service works. It occurred to me that the Blog may potentially fix a problem with e-mail blasts, podcasts, and virtual web trade shows. While these mediums provide effective chances of meeting a target audience, they are missing the personal touch.

So, now there is this new/old technology called the "Blog" that presents a unique way to reach the masses in a personal way without jamming it down their throat. A good Blog needs to provide you something of value in order to encourage you to use this service. Likewise, a good business will also need to provide you value to earn your business. Therefore, this Blog is designed to present ideas and facts that will drive value in your busines and mine.

I am excited that you have logged on to my Blog and look forward to getting your comments and suggestions for future topics. I have created a poll on some topics of interest to see what you would like to hear about. My plan is to use your responses to create one blog per month based on comments and poll results.

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