Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why Blog???

There are many reasons to Blog once you understand the benefits it can provide. Fortunately for me, my younger brother is a technology guru and gave me a 10 minute run down on how this free service works. It occurred to me that the Blog may potentially fix a problem with e-mail blasts, podcasts, and virtual web trade shows. While these mediums provide effective chances of meeting a target audience, they are missing the personal touch.

So, now there is this new/old technology called the "Blog" that presents a unique way to reach the masses in a personal way without jamming it down their throat. A good Blog needs to provide you something of value in order to encourage you to use this service. Likewise, a good business will also need to provide you value to earn your business. Therefore, this Blog is designed to present ideas and facts that will drive value in your busines and mine.

I am excited that you have logged on to my Blog and look forward to getting your comments and suggestions for future topics. I have created a poll on some topics of interest to see what you would like to hear about. My plan is to use your responses to create one blog per month based on comments and poll results.

Please remember to subscribe to my blog by clicking
here to keep you updated on future blog posts (Use Firefox if using a mac instead of Safari). We also need you to leave a comment with your full name and ASI# if you would like to receive a free SELF PROMO DISTRIBUTOR PACK valued at $200. Please read the instructions below on how to receive your Free Distributor Self Promo Pack.

EDIT 8/6/07:
To receive your Free Distributor Self Promo Pack:
1. You need to read Jim’s Blog and leave a comment by clicking “Comments” at the bottom of his post under his signature. (Be sure to leave your Full Name and Company Name OR ASI# for us to identify you. Once you leave a comment, Jim must approve it before it will be displayed. Please give up to an hour for it to be displayed.)
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5. Fill out the order form, under Products, be sure the Item says S2142 – Self Promo Toy Pack.
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9. Then click Submit.
10. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when completed and we will call to setup the details of your toys with a free full color imprint and one free accessory (white t-shirt, scarf, or tie).


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. Do you have a myspace page?

Donna :-)

John Chidester MAS said...

What a great idea! This will definetly assist you in getting information to and from distributors...

Alan said...

I think blogging is a good, no pressure way of letting your peers know what is on your mind. I hope that this site does not become a "soapbox"

Ricki Rodkin said...

This was hard to do!

Artist Toolbox said...

Wow. That only took me 20 minutes to sign up! Just so you know, this isn't supported by Apple's Safari browser... you might want to put a note up for Macintosh users to use Firefox instead!

Good luck with the new blog Jim, I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Artist Toolbox
UPIC: Toolbox

Jessica M ASI# 107247 said...

A blog is a great way to keep distributors updated on new ideas, promotions, etc. Way to keep up with the times! ;)

Judy M. ASI# 107247 said...

Great idea! Allows us distributors insight into waht suppliers are thinking while providing information on trends, promotions, etc.

Judy M. ASI# 107247

Frank Mineo said...

This looks like a great promotion !

I believe this is my first blog entry ever, though I am online daily.

Good Luck! I'll be looking for ward to getting my Distributor Self Promo Fun Pack.

Thank you very much!

Frank Mineo said...


Didn't read all of the instructions...

We ( Mineo Marketing ) do not have an ASI#. We do have a UPIC. It is: HOTIDEA

Thank you again !!!

Frank Mineo
Another HOT Idea...

Cortney said...

This is a great idea! I look forward to receiving the monthly blog updates!

Cortney W. ASI 185714 said...

Oops...almost forgot to leave the ASI#. Obviously this whole blogging thing is new to me :)

Maureen said...

A blog is a great idea; it keeps distributors updated as well as sparks new ideas and discussions.

Maureen said...

Thanks for starting a blog. I like the idea of distributors voting on future blog posts.
Maureen asi #300094

Anonymous said...

I think this could be a good idea - many of us delete emails without reading some of them.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly the new way to stay in touch!
I look forward to recieving my promo pack

Mary ann said...

What a great way to try your products and have samples to leave with clients, it is sure to get orders.
Maryann Quality Products
asi 302996

Chellie C, ASI# 305639 said...

Blogging is a great idea, and I wish more vendors would do this. It's getting more difficult every day to rescue sale emails from the dreaded spam void, and sometimes I cringe to think of what I may have missed. Blogs are a clean, concise method of updating clients without worrying about mistaken spam!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I look forward to future blogs!

Mary B said...

Thanks for offering this great promotion.

I look forward to learing more via your blog.

Our ASI # is 285363 (Northstar Promotions).

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to promote your products!

Donna Blackman said...

This is a great way for us to try your product. I look forward to selling your products.

Jalapeno Mama said...

I love that you have a blog. I look forward to reading it. I have just begun a personal blog and want to do one for our company but wasn't really sure what to talk about after all there is soo much.

I look forward to seeing how you pick your topics and the ideas you offer.


Jalapeno Designs


Anonymous said...

Thank you for trying to keep me (us) up with the latest communication tools. Keep pushing us.

Still trying to figure out how to log in and leave this message. Am I a Google/Blogger or Other or Anonymous? I'll keep trying.

Thanks for the sample pack.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for trying to keep me (us) up with the latest communication tools. Keep pushing us.

Still trying to figure out how to log in and leave this message. Am I a Google/Blogger or Other or Anonymous? I'll keep trying.

Is it safe to leave an ASI number on a comment section that can be seen by anyone? 276550

Thanks for the sample pack.

Jamie said...

I'm so confused. Am I registering for your web site? Or for the blog? I ended up registering for your site. How do I get the free sample kit. On the site, it says it costs $200p.

I haven't really figured out this blog thing yet.

Mor-Huiz Promotions said...

Thank you for the sample pack. I registered on the website and posted a comment previously.

ASI: 276550

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the email. I look forward to the free distributer self-promo toy pack and offering a new product line to my customers

Desiree said...

Thanks so much, I just learned a little more about blogging. This is a great way to stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Am I doing this wrong? I subscribed but couldn't order the promo pack. I left a comment earlier but cannot see it now. I still think this is a great way to get your products known
Angela Jester
Advent Packaging

Ralph Jannelli said...

I've not tried subscribing to a blog before this will be interesting - maybe a good alternative to all those email blast I get and don't have time to read.

Ralph Jannelli
Custom Advertising Products
ASI # 173043

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea but I still like getting the web blasts for specials. I think this going to be a learning experience for everyone... might create some laughs along the way!


Flat World Design said...

Great idea! Look forward to the updates and thanks for the nice special. Look forward to getting some orders from it!

Raj M.
Flat World Design

Dani Smith said...

I look forward to not only learning more about "blogging" but also hearing from others in the industry about what is happening in their worlds. It is always nice to hear from others in our line of work. I also look forward and thank you for the sample kit. I hope this will lead to MANY orders!

-Dani Smith
Third Day Creations, LLC

Anonymous said...

I just tried this and wasn't able to see my comment and was not able to place the order for the sample kit. I will try this again.

Looking forward to learning more about "blogging" as well as hearing from other distributors. Also looking forward to hearing your topics of the month. Can't wait to get the sample kit and start selling.

-Dani Smith
Third Day Creations, LLC

M. said...

PPAI 260547 UPIC Stand041
I am always looking for help to show clients how to use a product and how to get their best ROI. I hope that your blog includes case studies. Thank you in advance for the self promo distributor pack.

Diana Haake said...

Are comments viewable to all readers? Somewhat new to blogging, so maybe I'm not navigating correctly.
I enjoy the choice I have to contact you vs. repetitive redundant e-mail blasts. Pat on the back for using this great technology we have at our fingertips!
Diana Haake
Promotional Product Partners

Anonymous said...

Yes, comments are visible to all readers once they are approved by Jim. Sorry, this site is not Safari browser-friendly. Please use Firefox if using a Mac and Internet Explorer or Firefox if using a PC.

-Technology Guru

Don Blose said...

Excellent products, love your insights. My ASI is #205405 & I'm located in Bethlehem, PA It's nice to have such great products so close to home.

Sharie Kearns said...

Love your products! I feel there is a need for an Ovarian Cancer Bear. Only 19% of women are diagnosed in stage 1 which can be treated. We tried this a while back but I would be willing to work on this with you again.
ASI 356000

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's true. Mac users must download FireFox to do this. I guess there are a lot of blogging "newbys" including me. Anyway, I always appreciate any self-promo help, especially Free Stuff. THANKS SO MUCH! Ms. Copy - ASI 157371 (Captain Copy, inc.)

promotions said...

It was great to see your Blog and visit your booth back at SAAGNY. It seems that using the Blog will get your company more attention and isn't that what our industry is about...perhaps I should practice what I just said.

I know giving your my company's name and ASI should help. Promotions & Unicorns, Too asi 301189.

Getting the self promo pack will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Lezli Ahart
American Identity
ASI # 120601

Deena with Monogram Central Inc ASI#275641 said...

I would love to see examples of different ways your products have been used for promotions! Great use of technology!

Geneva Studebaker said...

Geneva with Willow Design #397756
This is a great way of getting the point or idea across. Keep going, love to read your upcomming posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to your blog and thanks for the offer of the free bag of small toys + catalogs. Dana Naas - Golden Printing Co.
1120 Kline St. Lakewood, CO 80215
ASI 209409

Anonymous said...

Artistic Toys has AWESOME products and people on staff. If you are lookging for a custom toy, this is the place to get it!!

Tracy said...

Hi All, I don't know if I'm doing this right or not either...I've never done a Blog before. This company is great! Excellent product and customer service. You Rock :)
Tracy Stultz

D & D of the Desert said...


I like the idea, I am in the market for ideas for wedding guest gifts under $5.00 right now. If you have any I would love to present them to the planner I am working with.

My name is Mickie Storckman
My company is D&D of the Desert
My ASI number is on my registration with your company, but I don't think it is a good idea to publish it here.

Technology Guru said...

Dear Readers,

If you don't see your comment after posting, please give up to an hour for Jim to read and approve your comments. It will display once he does this.

- Technology Guru

tlc said...

Hi Jim,

Your thoughts of the blog are great, it is a proactive service that will be interesting to watch the results and value of doing. I look forward to your thoughts and comments. You might also consider a My Space site with information as well, it is almost as popular as blogging. Have a great day,

Terry Cox
TLC Fundraising & Promotions
SAGE #23229

Please send us the free distributor self promo pack that was on our Smartblast.

Mr. Promotions said...

Being new to the blog phenom, I think that you are on the right track. I like the marketing reach that a blog can offer. I use them to highlight specials to the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

Never blogged before. But you,ve convinced me to try. So here is my first try at it. JT from somewhere in the caribbean.

Judy said...

I looked for you at SAAC.

jay said...

great idea...hopefully profitable for both of us

Promogirl said...

Hi Jim,
I'm so glad you started this. I look forward to doing business with your company in the near future.

Neva Lamb said...

What a great idea! And speaking of great ideas - what about providing on your website some clever marketing ideas/sayings that could be imprinted on some of your animals?

c said...

Blogs might actually work. best of luck with your blogging. look forward to future updates.

Chris said...

Blogs may actually work. Best of luck in your blogging. i look forward to your future posts.

Amy V. said...

I'm new to the world of "blogging", but thought it's about time to give it a try!
I think this distributor kit will be a big help, since we just joined ASI in December. Thanks!
Amy V.
ASI# 299883

shari greer said...

Greta idea! Ya'll have my attention. I love the plush, and
have seen it used for in point.
My husband worked as a fundraiser for a charity hospital. He created a 'joe bear' (St. Josephs Hosp) and every employee who signed up for a small donation thru payroll.. would receive Joe Bear to display on thier computers, desks, etc. The campaign was a hit 80% of the staff had one on thier desk.....
Putting a smile on someones face is worth more than the best sales
pitch you can give!!

Thanks for this promo for distributors.
Shari Greer

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea, no waiting for return email.

Marta said...

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about promoting with toys. I look forward to receiving our free self promo samples. This may help us get a foot in the door with schools.

khaki said...

I think this is awesome!! I am relatively new to the industry and like this informal way of sharing product information. Thanks for providing this catalyst.


Anonymous said...

Never blogged b4 but hopefully this will prove interesting.

Anonymous said...

Just sent a comment as Anonymous. WIs this also where to leave name and other info?
Hope so.

Roy Hill
IMS Promotional Products

martina leigh marketing said...

This is a great concept on two levels. It draws distrbutors to your website offering them free self promos and allows you the "supplier" to update the distributor on news and events about your company. It's a win, win all around.

Martina Leigh Marketing

Jane Thiel said...

Jane T. asi/290130 Thiel's Promo Prod & Signage, a div of Pasadena Printing Inc.

It appears that I'm not the only new blogger on the block - I just have not had the time to respond, but I do read the other comments when I have a few minutes. I have not attempted selling your products before, just simply have not gotten around to this area of promo products. We have only been involved in the industry for a few years and are so excited at all the possibilities available to distributors. As a small business owner, it is sometimes difficult to get outside to sell the products to my customers, so our progress has not been as I would like it to be; however, I am striving to move the roadblocks and get back in front of my customers. One problem I run up against is the pharmaceutical industry "give-aways". There is no way that an office is going to purchase personalized items that the pharm reps give to them to handout to patients. Does anyone have any ideas about this situation?

Also, please send me the distributor kit and suggestions on selling these great products. I do have a potential equipment company to approach with a custom toy.

Thanks for the blog opportunities and your selling suggestions.

Connie Stearns said...

My first blog - but I need to move into this century, right?

Connie Stearns
Stearns Promotions
PPAI - 302722

info said...

Thank you for your blog. I've been wanting to learn more about blogs. Hope to learn more.

Jon Buckles said...

I like the idea of using this technology to bget others to interact with your site. I am going to pursue a similar approach with my clients and prospective customers. This is going to be a lot of work, but I feel it will be worth it in the long run. Thanks for cutting the path Jim.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and the sample kit. Having just joined ASI in December, these tools will be a big help!
Amy V.
ASI# 299883

Rick said...

I am willing to give it a shot. Thank you for the sample kit.

Rick Harman

khaki said...

I guess I'll ultimately get this to work - third attempt. It seems like a great catalyst to convey new product knowledge....I am relatively new to this industry, so any new ideas and info is welcomed!!


Judy King said...

Hi Jim, I looked for you at the SAAC Show. Great idea, forward thining :)

Anonymous said...

Keep educating us too please! I have heard of blogs but have never taken any time to research or check them out. I just assumed it was another "instant messager". Still feeling a bit in the dark though! I am sure I am not the only one out here that gets 100 + emails a day. We've moved away from our .com email address when the daily message traffic rose to 800 +... therefore, I am hesitant of anything that potentially leaves you out there to have your address picked up and spammed.

On another note - I am interested in learning more about your product line. I have dabbled a little in the passed with the stuffed toy promotion and found it complicated therefore abandoning the concept.

Wendy Curtis
RU Ltd?
ASI# 303856

Anonymous said...

I have read most of the comments so far and I must say I agree with 99%. What a way to get to know your industry!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the next months!!

Betsy Higginbotham
AJ Bart, Inc
ASI #133213

Barbara-Valley Mascots said...

This is a great idea, much better than all the emails from the rest of the industry.

Anybody dealing with Artistic for the first time is in for a real treat. The people are so nice and their products are great. Also the create a flyer section of the web site is much appreciated.

Thanks for the sample pack

Anonymous said...

It's always a good idea to try out these new formats for communicating ideas and thoughts. I hope this works well as a forum for our industry.


Anonymous said...

I Like the idea of blogging, and I look forward to your postings. I'm looking forward to seeing how you can use it to present ideas and promote business.
Charles @ Positive IMPACT asi 466101

Anonymous said...

Blogging is fun, a new innovation to exchange ideas, thoughts and general informaton about your product, service, etc. with others in the comfort of their office or home at their convenience. Blogging is definitely the way to showcase an individuals business.........much luck to your new adventure.

Adway Promotions
PPAI: 209186

Anonymous said...

Blogs are new to me but sounds like a interesting appraoch. Looking forward to the Sample Pack and to selling your animals.

Rob Beasenburg

info said...

Blogging is a great idea. I wonder how much time you need to spend on this to make it worthwhile.

Sandy said...

This is a great idea! I love being able to share ideas back and forth!

Thanks for starting this.

Sandra Goodman
Laser Light Images
ASI# 249802

info said...

I wonder how much of an impact this has on your daily schedule?
Cadett Marketing 155450

Fred Clark said...

This is my first blog ever even though I'm online a couple hours a day.
You might want to list your blogs with the latest on top and then in descending date & time order.
Fred Clark
PDF Enterprises

Susan said...

Awesome idea! Always looking ways to promote my company and helps you too!

Anonymous said...

Much preferred to more e-mail in my Inbox!

Kay Still
ASI #339206

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept! At the very least it will be a wecolmed break from the norm. We look forward to reading more.

Clares Kooiman
Multi Business Systems
ASI # 278031

Anonymous said...

Great Idea
I'm not much of a blogger though

Judy Myatt
Grani J Stitches
UPIC - GraniJ

Anonymous said...

I like the blog idea. I enjoyed meeting your staff at the recent SAAC conference in Long Beach.

I have had some problems posting. Perhaps, it's because I am using a Safari browser.
Heidi PPAI #349674

Grani J said...

Great idea, but I am not much of a blogger.

Grani J said...

Great Idea, but I am not much of a blogger.

Grani J

Grani J Stitches

Anonymous said...

1st time blogger here. I will definitely keep an open mind as to whether this is a better way to communicate...

Anonymous said...

T.Y. Custom Design Inc.
ASI# 341293

Tammy Alexander said...

I have read blogs but never felt compelled to respond. You were my first. This is a great idea and promotion. Thanks!

Proforma Printmotions
ASI# 300094

Dawn Hays said...

I think you are onto something. I love industry blogs! Looking forward to seeing more from you on projects and ideas.
D. Hays, Sunrise Identity Nashville, 339206

stacy d said...

What a fun way to stay in touch with distributors and exchange ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wally ASI#351336
This is a fantastic way to get in touch with our customers who may be interested in plush toys for their promotions.

Rachel Reber said...

Rachel Reber Redline Engraving & Prmotions ASI# 305606
I appreciate this opportunity and information! I am looking forward to promoting plush products and selling more!

Allison said...

blogging is just as great as im'ing except there you have more time to read the pieces. free advice, comments, questions, answers for you in which to work. THESE ARE THE BEST STUFFED PIECES I'VE EVER SEEN!

Anonymous said...

I love blogging and it gives me a chance to let you know what i'm thinking! I love these pieces and look forward to sharing the love. great marketing/pr to have this blog to invite others to speak their minds as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice Work! This is keepin' up with the Jones'. I'm allison from Sunrise Identity and you have my support.
Allison Markus
Sunrise Identity

Anonymous said...

First time visiting a blog,. This seems to be a good way to communicate.

Kelsey K. - ASI 339206 said...

This is a good idea...much better than sending out blasts that just get deleted.

Linda L. said...

Great promotion! I'm interested in seeing the topics you will choose to address on your blog. I'm also curious as to how much time you will need to invest in it. Overall, I like the idea of blogs written by suppliers.

Linda Lough, CAS
Image Mania

Darin said...

Darin Godby
Godby Advertising

I look forward to the new ideals and thoughts found within the blog. Ways to get new business as well as creative and challenging ideals.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is an awesome way of getting more than 1 answer or opinion without having to email individual people. I use blogs for alot of other things I do.

Name: Sam Romero
Company: SNJ Promotional Solutions
ASI #: 394291