Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hot Seasonal Toy Picks

Last month's Blog Poll indicated that the majority of Distributors are interested in hearing more about year-end specials. Right now we are running specials on Fire Related Items and Breast Cancer Bears. Next week we will send out a flyer on Election related products for all the Donkeys and Elephants out there. We also have a flyer that is being distributed weekly in the SmartBlast virtual catalog that advertises our newest and biggest Kirby Bears along with an assortment of our most popular Holiday toys at great prices.

The bad news is we just sold out of our last 1200 pcs of our 8" Turkey for Thanksgiving and will not have any more before the Thanksgiving holiday. The good news is we are getting 12,000 pcs of our 4" Turkey (S1073) next week. Don't waste any time, we already have several thousand committed on back order. It is also important to recognize that we eliminated the Key Chain after popular demand to remove it on most of the orders last year.

I think our hottest product for this Holiday Season is the Giftcard Holder Santa Bear (S2026-HG).

This is a product we developed last year and now have perfected for the Advertising Speciality industry by finding a way to place the imprint permanently inside the giftcard holder so that when the giftcard or business card is removed, your customer's logo remains. Once this product gets into shopping malls, casinos, airports, and other retail venues it will be a great way to promote gift cards sales and increase registrations for players cards or frequent flyer memberships.

If you are excited about this product and think you can target 3 customers with it, please post a comment and order samples on our website from the link above and we will mock up samples with your customer's logo on them so you can present this product to them. Enter promotion code 1007BLOG.

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