Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 New Maxims of Marketing from Bobby Lehew

I just attended the first day of ASI Orlando Show education seminars and wanted to share with you key marketing maxims taken from Bobby Lehew's seminar on Marketing in a Web 2.0 World: How Small Business Can be Heard in a Big Way. Bobby's zigging an zagging style of chasing rabbits through the fast pace world of promotional products marketing was a refreshing addition to practical marketing tips and tactics.

Top 10 Take Aways:

1. You are who Google says you are
2. You are what you publish
3. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of Advertising (founder of Facebook)
4. Today's Toys are tomorrow Tools
5. Fresh Content is King
6. People Still Buy From People they Know and Like
7. It's not about having a website, it's about your web presence.
8. Publish customer case studies and don't worry if your competitors watch
9. Become a contributor of something helpful to your network.
10. Interactive Web Marketing is a Lifestyle, don't expect to be good at it overnight.

These great maxims and much more were shared in this very exciting session. No matter if you are an esteemed "pencil" salesman or looking to build tangible marketing solutions with custom plush toys you need to establish your web presence. I highly recommend Bobby's seminar. After you attend, I would be surprised if you couldn't write 2 new job descriptions for people in your organization. You might be surprised at the number of inexpensive or free resources to boost your web presence.

Nice work Bobby!!!


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Bobby Lehew said...

Hey, Jim ... thanks for the shout out. Good to see you in Orlando ... you guys are doing some exceptional marketing. Talk to you soon.