Thursday, November 15, 2012

Character Toys

The Sales Team has been working hard to develop our 2013 Catalog.   There are so many good ideas; however, bringing it all together to balance words and pictures to tell a story about how Artistic Toy is different than other stuffed toy manufacturers is not an easy task.  We talked with a graphic artist for two hours about our ideas and determined we needed to outline a story of the most important things about our Company.  Through further reflection following outline was developed to help tell our story.   

Custom Stuffed Toy Prototypes in 48 hours
Helping You Build Character
Absolutely Safe – All of our toys are independently safety tested and meet or exceed requirements by the CPSIA
Relationships - We are on purpose about helping customers understand the opportunities that exist within Character Marketing™
Artistic Alerts – Email updates are provided to you at each stage of your order from initial entry to final shipment to keep you informed
Case studies – We will provide you with case studies to help understand the uses of plush toys in your business and their ROI.    
Thousands of stock toys – We have thousands of stock toys in our inventory that can be personalized and delivered in 10 days
Every detail of the toy is considered before the first stitch is made. 
Reliable – You can count on our Artistic Toy team for all of your stock and custom plush toy needs

Top notch quality –  Our factory quality control experts, overseas manager, and US production team examine every detail of your toy to make sure you are 100% satisfied
Our promise to you – We create products for distinguished organizations.  Working with our character will change your life forever
Your Brand – Our master designer will create your one of a kind custom prototype in 48 hours from an existing mascot, drawing or concept to bring your brand to life
Service above all others – Our unique CPC – Clear Process Communication meeting system keep you informed every step of the way from initial order to final delivery

Everything from the marketing to the manufacturing is based on Character at Artistic Toy.    Character Marketing™  is the concept that stuffed toys, when used as Characters in your marketing, will transform a brand so that it connects with people emotionally, move customers to action, and turn customers into fans. Character Marketing ™ is more than plush toy manufacturing.  It is the establishment of brand that is dependent on Character Manufacturing™.  Character Manufacturing ™ is about factory relationships that allow us to do things other suppliers can’t.  It is a shared philosophy that quality control goes beyond government standards to a global team of people who care about how the product looks when it comes out of the box. 

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