Thursday, November 8, 2012

It’s Everyone’s Job

If you look at Artistic Toy’s organization chart you might wonder where is the Marketing Department.  Who is responsible for Marketing?  The biggest complaint about most Marketing Departments is that they never talk to the Sales Department.  Some organizations propose to solve that problem by making a Sales & Marketing Department. 

In reality you can’t put the additional burden of something so complicated and important on one department.  At Artistic Toy we subscribe to the philosophy that Marketing is NOT a department, it is an ATTITUDE.  I recently learned from Paul Kiewiet, MAS that People are the 5th P that many Marketing text books overlook.  (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).  My feeling is that the most influential people are on marketing is the entire team of people that show up to work every day.  It is their attitude and desire to do more than push product and paper all day that sets us apart.  Please join me in celebrating the accomplishments within each and every department to take on this very important role of Marketing our company.
  1. Public Relations:  PPB Boss Nomination, Customer Service SuperHero, Product Safety
  2. Product Website: Accounting leading the team to accurate product information
  3. Loyalty Packages: Production delivering relevant products to each customer.
  4. Email Campaigns: Sales sending weekly product ideas to customers.
  5. Facebook Posts: Product of the Day, Quotes, Team Member Birthday, Anniversaries
  6. Catalog Design:  Developing attractive layouts and new product suggestions
  7. Clear Process Communication Meetings: Customer Surveys & Ratings
  8. Character Story:  Holding us to accountable to our vision and mission.

I think everyone in the Company would agree they have been involved in many of the activities above; however, may not have viewed them as Marketing.  So the next time you are doing something and wondering, “How is this my job?”  Think about how important Marketing is to the Company and that the set of expectations you set for yourself, memories created, stories shared, and relationships built all taken together account for our brand and when communicated effectively is the most powerful form of Marketing we have.   Keep up the good work team!   

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