Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Advertising Dollars on the Attack! Bears V. Bulls

Every month out of the last 6 months in 2013 the US stock market has hit record highs.  The iconic Bull and Bear characters of Wall Street should be everyone's best friend.  These characters signify either an optimistic or pessimistic view on selling or buying investments.  The upward attacking bull is hero in the minds of most as his head indicates a market that is on the rise.  The downward attacking bear head is the villain that pushes stock prices down causing investors to sell.    

The Artistic Toy's Reversible Bear Bull Puppet (c) is a fun and engaging way to explain market risk and that a healthy financial system has bears and bulls.   Whether you are feeling Bullish or Bearish about investments or your marketing dollars this promotional product will gain long lasting enjoyment from flipping this puppet inside out.  

1 comment:

elviscallhome said...

Wow! a reversible puppet it's magic anyone can do.
The presentation is laudible and sounds good.
sincerely, Emile