Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Financial Sector Promotional Product

Over the last 15 years Artistic Toy’s Reversible Bear Bull Puppet © has been a steady component of every type of financial services firm imaginable.  These inside-out hand puppets have become teaching aids on financial risk, helped launch investment divisions of banks, and reiterated core branding principals of insurance companies that are prepared to weather bear and bull markets.  

(View Product Details: 7" Reversible Bear Bull Puppet - S1181)

Here are a several product endorsements from Promotional Consultants:

“My financial services client distributes Artistic Toy’s reversible bull-bear puppets at his client presentations and consumer shows.  They’re great for communicating stock market volatility and the dangers of trying to ‘time the market.’”  - Matt Paine, Imprintastic!  

“I first sold Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull hand puppets to John Hancock Funds in 2000 and they were a tremendous success.  We did over 10,000 units and still get requests from brokers for them. A great item that has impact and continued use.” -Joe Joslin, Joslin Advertising & Marketing, Inc.

“My international fund management client used hundreds of Artistic Toy’s reversible bear puppet at a tradeshow.”  - Peter Ban, CMTI Inc

One of my clients placed a 3,000 pc order for Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull puppet.  The puppet wowed them with its play value and it aligns perfectly with the insurance company’s brand promise of staying true to careful planning, discipline investing, and fully evaluating risks through bull and bear markets.- Emily Dunnigan, National Premium

My university client just opened their Center for Economic Eduction and found Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull puppet a natural fit!  The used the puppets at the grand opening as gifts for attendees and large donors.”  - Kristin Rezler, Halo Branded Solutions

“My annuity and insurance client has been buying Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull product for many years.  This product is a steady component of their company store sales and travels to many investor meetings”  - Tom Schaefer, WorkflowOne

“I work with a large bank’s brokerage division that ordered 10,000 pcs of Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull puppet to promote its investor education endeavors.  .”- David Gilinsky, Bergman Incentives

Over the years my global financial client has used thousands of Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull puppets.  Each divisions marketing department seems to like promoting with this product.”   - Lee Cohen, Lindon Associates

“Artistic Toy’s reversible bear bull puppet is a must have for any client in the financial sector.  My client orders thousands of them a year as part of a recurring program.”  - Johanna Decal Gottlieb, Axis Promotions

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