Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marketing Strategies You Can Take to the Bank

Two Promotional Consultants and a Manufacturer’s Representative recently visited Artistic Toy.  The 30 minute tour ended in our conference room where the Bears were having a meeting with the Bulls.  They were marveling over the cover of the Supplier Global Resource magazine, “Out with the Bear, in with the Bull!”  One bear mentioned that a PPB Editor was looking for successful promotional campaigns for clients in the financial sector.

The Bulls agreed that Artistic Toy’s Reversible Bear Bull Puppet © is the Best Promotional Product for the Financial Sector.  They made statements like “my clients are doing the work of three people and need me to bring them new ideas”,  “this product has a WOW factor that is engaging”,  and “while it’s financially focused, it’s really about the unexpected turn around story that everyone loves.”

Over the last 15 years Artistic Toy’s Reversible Bear Bull Puppet © has been a steady component of every type of financial services firm imaginable.  These inside-out hand puppets have become teaching aids on financial risk, helped launch investment divisions of banks, and reiterated core branding principals of insurance companies that are prepared to weather bear and bull markets.

 “My financial services client distributes Artistic Toy’s reversible bull-bear puppets at his client presentations and consumer shows.  They’re great for communicating stock market volatility and the dangers of trying to ‘time the market.’” - Matt Paine, Imprintastic!  
Read more for more product testimonials.

Successful investors know that there is no magic to the market.  In order to be a successful investor you need to carefully understand the business you are investing in and set performance expectations in advance.  Without applying these two principals investing can be a disguised form of gambling.

This investment advice is easier said than done.  The function of buying and selling investments is as easy as clicking a few buttons, understanding the business you are in and deciding appropriate time frames to achieve upside potential and minimize downside losses requires an experienced professional. 

Marketing your business requires the application of the same two principals.  Businesses must understand the media they are using to advertise and decide in advance the expected results.  For most businesses, like investors, this advice is easier said than done.  The successful application of this strategy requires that investors work with Financial Advisers and businesses work with Promotional Consultants.  A Promotional Consultant is a professional who can help you evaluate the best media to reach your Company’s goals, understands the importance of protecting your brand image, and turns your advertising into an integrated marketing campaign.

Whether you are bullish or bearish about the market you can turn these investment principals into marketing strategies that will have you and your clients making more trips to the bank.   

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